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Welcome to Pristine Studios... 

'Turning Dreams into Music'

Long Island, New York



Pristine Studios has raised the bar with a fresh attitude aimed at making your experience here even more memorable. We've upgraded some key equipment designed at streamlining the music production process.

Pristine Studios is set up to make the recording process a fun and enjoyable experience for both the professional and hobbyist alike.


The Dream is Real... Ride It With Us...

(I'm extremely proud of my Pristine Patrons... Follow your Dreams...)

 Give us a call for your next project... 631-951-4718 ***************************************************


We'll make you feel right at home...


Pick up a Gift Certificate for the Singers and Musicians amongst your family and friends


Need a tweak or two to a song? Let Pristine Studios help you prepare for your upcoming Event.  

Special setups for The Recording Karaoke Singers!


The Pristine Studios Mission:

Pristine Studios of Long Island is dedicated to making the dream of a musical recording your reality. In the past, making a recording was dominated by expensive recording studios. With the advent of Digital-Audio and other electronic technologies, making musical recordings have become much more accessible to the average person. Pristine Studios has an inviting, un-intimidating atmosphere. We'll make you feel at home...

Pristine Studios offers the following professional quality services:  

* Video Demo - *New: Take your demo to the next level. Elevate your musical abilities with sight and sound... A video demo will add that extra sparkle when you need to showcase your talents.

* Multitrack Recording and Mixing - Pristine studios offers 24 track Digital-Audio recording - Multitrack Digital-Audio and Midi mixdowns to CD, DAT or cassette.

* Karaoke Singers - If you ever wanted the opportunity to know what you would sound like in a recording studio, we can put you in the vocal booth, put on your favorite tune and let you sing or play your heart out. (Our secret! But if you like what you hear, record it to CD for the world to hear!) So come in and try our Karaoke Recording Booth.

* Songwriter Services - It's time to turn your songs into the beautiful music you hear in your head. Pristine Studios can work with you to help bring those ideas to life.

* Demo Production - Need a Demo to show off your talent? Pristine Studios can put together an impressive Demo package so you can present your music with style.

* Independent Music Release Assistance - Let us handle the detailed preparation necessary to turn your prize creation into production quality CD's ready for any store shelf. We can help with the Copyright process, CD and Merchandise Artwork. Through our partnership with Disc Makers, we can help guide you through the entire manufacturing process.  Come find out what you sound like... You're likely to be pleasantly surprised! Call or email to discuss your next (or first) project.

Dennis Coleman

Pristine Studios  


Long Island, New York

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"Ducks no longer swim in a row...

They stopped that nonsense years ago...

Let your passion pave the way...

Come live your dreams at Pristine Studios Today..."

-Dennis Coleman


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